4 luxury furniture and lighting brands of Grey’s life

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We have fresh news. 50 Shades of Grey the-so-expected-movie is almost there, to let all the world CRAZYYY and do you want to know what I just found?

At 14 of February of this amazing year you will have the opportunity to see some of the best furniture and lighting products in the big screen. Some portuguese brands, like the so famous Boca do Lobo, Koket, Brabbu and DelightFULL had the opportunity to expose their amazing products at the picture to suit Christian Grey’s extravagant life and millionaire taste.

I am so excited to show you some of the products that will be at the movie… 😀 Enjoy!

turner table delightFL


floor-lamp-delightfull_epistrophy-Ike 50 shades

By DelightFULL unique lamps, Turner Table and Ike Floor, two amazing contemporary lamps.

palatino-display-case-french-style-furniture-02-BocadoLobo 50 shades
Palatino, Boca do Lobo
Diamond, Boca do Lobo

By Boca do Lobo, Palatino display case and Diamond sidetable. Those are some of the products from this luxury brand that you’ll see at 50 shades.

Hypnotic-Koket-Ereignisse-Marke-Wohn-DesignTrend koket 50shades
Hypnotic, byKoket
guilt-mirror-4 koket 50shades
Guilt, byKoket

ByKoket it’s a feminine furniture and lighting brand that will contribute to this movie beauty and elegance with a Hypnotic chandelier and a lovely mirror: Guilt.

Eanda Chair, Brabbu
brabbu sequoia center table 50 shades
Sequoia Center Table, Brabbu

Enda chair and Sequoia table by Brabbu were two of the chosen ones to participate at this magnific movie.

I bet you’re even more curious about this phenomenon that is the E. L. James story. 🙂 I am!


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