I was looking for some interesting home design ideas and tips to share with you, when suddenly i went to “Home Designing” and found a small apartment design that is simply fantastic. I love the decor on this house and i will share it with you.

Remember that you can see the entire project HERE!

This is a small apartment design that you will love. Check these fantastic images and be inspired. “Home Design Ideas” loves to share with you amazing projects made by the best!

The Living room

The small apartment was designed by Anton Grishin. As “Home Design Ideas” revealed to you in a few articles (click HERE and HERE, small spaces need a colorful and light mood so that the spaces seem bigger.

"A small apartment design you will love"The kitchen

As you can expect from a 312 sq foot apartment the kitchen is small, really small, but the interior designer Anton Grishin still make it fabulous. It’s such a beautiful looking space. I really love this apartment.

"A small apartment that you will love"

Small living room + small kitchen = cozy lounge

This small apartment has such a nice vibe that i imagine that all the set backs of living in a small can be easily forgotten.

Remember that you can see the entire project HERE!

"A small apartment design that you will love"


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