Bedtime: set the right mood with your bedroom lighting

Bedtime takes a whole new meaning at winter, when it’s cold outside. Have you given a thought about brighten up your bedroom lighting with a fresh new nightstand lamp?

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in you home, because is where you rest from the busy day of work. So it has to have the right atmosphere for you, whether you want to keep things with a simple and clean design or be bold and have some eclectic interior decor.

When it comes to your bedroom interior design, changing your table lamps in your bedroom is the best and simple idea to set the right mood in your bedroom lighting. And taste is personal, so there is no right or wrong choice in this matter – style, size, shape and finish are all up to your own personal preference. You just have to fit the nightstand lamp to your bedroom style and personal taste.

Here you have a selection of lighting ideas to light up your bedroom and set the right mood at bedtime. Just take a look and get inspired!

Pastorius Lamp by DelightFULLbedtime-set-the-right-mood-with-your-bedroom-lighting bedroom lighting

Table Lamp by Atmosphere Interior Designbedtime-set-the-right-mood-with-your-bedroom-lighting

Ceiling Lamps by Kelly Hoppenbedtime-set-the-right-mood-with-your-bedroom-lighting


Rabbit Lamp by Moooibedtime-set-the-right-mood-with-your-bedroom-lighting

Tolomeo Lamp by Artemidebedtime-set-the-right-mood-with-your-bedroom-lighting

Ktribe Lamp by Flosbedtime-set-the-right-mood-with-your-bedroom-lighting

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