Coveted Magazine: a new way of celebrating design

There’s now a new way of celebrating design: CovetED Magazine.

Coveted is now out. This is a new magazine in luxury, lifestyle, architecture, interior design, decor, and fashion that includes the TOP news and projects worldwide.

Coveted Magazine was presented last week in Milan, as all the team was attending Milan Design Week 2015. We suggest you to watch the video about their tour to Brera design district, here.

Coveted Magazinea tour to Brera District Coveted Magazine: a new way of celebrating design

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In the historic center of Milan, a pedestrian area Brera is focused on commercial, artistic and cultural development.

Coveted Magazine: a new way of celebrating design


This Design District embraces some of the city’s most prestigious historic buildings, and its streets of “old Milan” are lined with more than 80 permanent design stores, artisans’ workshops, art galleries, shops, museums, the Academia delle Belle Arti, the Pinacoteca, the Scala, and various cultural and art centers. All in all, Brera is the most elegant and most visited quarter in the city with a very clear identity: an ideal stage for design and art in their many shapes and forms.

Coveted Magazine a tour to Brera District 3

And Coveted Magazine was there. Get to know this amazing magazine, visiting the website.

International, influential and trendy, Coveted Edition Magazine is the world’s ultimate source for Luxury & Design news. We have a unique approach that goes far beyond reporting news: We celebrate design with friends. International top designers and opinion leaders share the secrets of their work and have, at the same time, an active voice in Coveted Edition through the expression of different points of view about the Design world.  All year around you will find several teams in all the world’s top cities and luxury destinations composed of international designers who love to write and journalists specialized in Design who love to travel and experience all the world’s hottest design spots in person and share it exclusively with Luxury & Design lovers worldwide.Coveted edition may be found in all the top Design Events worldwide and in the world’s major cities.

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