DIY home decor ideas

Hello Home Design lovers,

Here we are to give you the best decoration and home design tips. 🙂 It’s not always possible to spend much money in decor projects, so we want to remeber you that DIY projects are a trend, and you can get the best results of it!

Since decor objects, to storage or lighting, search and you’ll find the best ideas! Today, we’ll give you some…


Use glasses, teacups, yogurt cups or cans and paint it and use some glitter. You’ll get perfect and elegant candle supports. You can use some tiny wood trunks, too, painted in metallic colors. Then, you just have to find the perfect place and let them shine.

DIY home decor ideas 9

DIY home decor ideas 4

DIY home decor ideas 5

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Storage and organizing

Look at this funny DIY Coffee Cup Holder made of pallets. You can keep it natural, like at the image, or paint the pallets with strong or metallic colors. You choose. 🙂

DIY home decor ideas

Mason jars are perfect for DIY projects. You can use it to keep pens and office supplies, make up brushes, and even to put your colorful and fresh flowers. Paint them and spice it up. And do the same with that bowl that you don’t use to eat your cereals.

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Turn ugly objects into lovely decor details. You can even use some of these ideas to save money: do it yourself and offer them.

Are you happier now?


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