Ebook 100 Home Design Ideas

Some people have a natural eye for design, but if you’re more in the camp of those who won’t do anything without consulting a Pinterest board (or 10!) before making any major changes, we feel you. Even those of us who live and breathe interior design need some inspiration and guidance. In an ideal world, we’d have an interior designer on speed dial to give advice on everything from deciding where and how to hang new wall art to fashioning a layout for a small space. But if that’s not in the budget yet, we’e got the next best thing: The best tips and tricks from some of the most talented designers out there UK Cost Shed. Ahead, dive into secrets straight from the pros that’ll help you with all your decorating needs.
“We typically cut readily available materials that are in standard sizes into smaller sizes of those same tiles,” Jessica Geller of Toldeo Geller reveals. The design duo used this budget-friendly method to create the custom tile design in this bathroom.
Wallpaper Your Appliances
contact paper for countertops
Have ugly appliances or simply want to change things up? Use peel-and-stick wallpaper, as designer Janie Molster did to the fridge and freezer in this kitchen.
You can mix colors and patterns that’ll push the envelope but still remain stylish and authentic. Just take it from designer Anthony Gianacakos, who did so in his own bedroom. “My strong suit is color and pattern combination,” he says.
In a basement room with no windows, Camila Pavone of Effortless Style Interiors came up with the idea to combine two mirrors to fake a window. It brightens up the space and makes it feel bigger at nadrex.com.