Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas

Every day is a good day to share with you the best suggestions for you Home Design Ideas but today our suggestion relapse on some warm, sexy, exotic solutions for your Living Room Ideas. We have some Exotic Inspirations to show you, by the amazing and feminine company, KOKET.

Exotic Summer Trends

Love happens when Exotic Summer Locations make their way into our interior decorations and create an amazing environment with the rare and exquisite leather or different materials. You are about to see how KOKET displays unique fabrics and details founded all over the world. Are you ready for it?


Take a walk on the wild side with the exotic design of the Reptilian Lamp. Lavish and wild, the lamp’s cylindrical body is opulently wrapped in sumptuous black crocodile print leather while two seductively silent, hand-carved crocodiles curve around the base.

reptilian Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas

Topped with a delicious black satin shade, the soft sultry glow that pours from underneath will unleash your primal desire.

reptilian Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas


The Temptation console explodes with exoticism & verve with its untamed gold leaf curves playing side note to a four drawer top impeccably wrapped in a bronze metallic embossed python skin and adorned with an aged brass pull on each drawer.

temptation-console-exotic-summer Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas



Revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. Its acrobatic polished brass loops & spins paired with black exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.

burlesque console by koket Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas


Exuding feelings of fantasy, this highly coveted dressing table is bold, daring and seductive. Structure in high gloss black lacquer with the ultra-soft reptile embossed velvet framing a gold metal top is juxtaposed with mesmerizing movements of emerald crystal tassels.

exotica dressing table by koket Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas



Fierce details packed with primal power, verve and bite wrap this reptilian console. Drawer fronts composed of various materials, antique mirror, bronze lacquer, multi-pewter iridescent leather, and brown leather, finely refined by brass coiled snake hardware.

untamed console Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas

Storage with Beauty and Exoticism: Feather Love

Love happens when exclusive materials meet empowering pieces. The constant desire to seduce takes the luxury design brand KOKET to a new level. From the luxurious worldwide materials that the brand uses in the design pieces, now they added the peacock feathers to complete this luxury collection.

KOKET decided to apply these gorgeous peacock feathers in 3 storage pieces that combine the luxury and glamour of gold with the exuberance and exoticism of this exclusive material. Feather furniture is a trend. Let’s see:

DIVINE Armoire and Divine Chest

The ultimate luxury design piece. All about this storage piece breathes glamour.


Divine is a representation of KOKET’s glamour. This glamour can make every head turn and focus of all attention in your bedroom designs and of course, living room design ideas.

divine Exotic Inspirations for your Living Room Ideas


This is a luxury design piece full of nature inspiration. The metal aged brass organic lace, in the shape of beautiful flowers and small charming lizards, makes this storage cabinet an unique design piece.


How much have you loved our exotic inspirations for your living room design ideas?

Source: LoveHappensBlog by KOKET