"Decorating rules you have to break"

House Beautiful tips: decoratating rules you have to break

Ho everyone. I was surfing the web and i found an interesting article at House Beautiful‘s website that i have to share with you. It’s a selection of decorating rules you have to break.

Sometimes we read some decor rules that we have to follow in order to make our home fantastic, functional, beautiful and stylish. However, just like decor trends, the rules change with time and House Beautiful .

So today, Home Design Ideas, will share the decorating rules you have to break: a selection by House Beautiful.

Get your note book and pay attention to these tips!

Decor rule to break #1 – For a small room use small furniture

Home Design Ideas has already showed you some tips on how to decorate small spaces (click HERE and HERE) and here it it another trick: “Small-scale furniture only makes a small bedroom look smaller. Try a high bed and a tall headboard. Your room will grow”

Decor rule to break #2 – Dining chairs should be part of a matching set

A few years ago it was an absolute rule to have a matching set of dining chairs. Those days are gone: “Mix up the seating at your dining table. You wouldn’t have eight identical chairs in your living area.”

"Decorating tips you have to break" House BeautifulInformal dining room

Decor rule to break #3 – Children’s art is for the fridge or a box in the top of a closet

Your home is a space to enjoy your family life. It’s important to show that in your decor.”Kids’ paintings and drawings can bring color and whimsy to an otherwise unimaginative space. “Display drawings in a colorful frame, or in a white frame with a colored mat. Hang them in an otherwise unimaginative space. They’re full of spirit — and meaningful,” says designer Eric Cohler.”

Decor rule to break #4 – The most important piece of furniture is the sofa

The sofa is important but you can style your living room around other elements: “There’s no rule that says a living room even has to have a sofa: Four armchairs do the trick. You can always put the sofa in the family room or a cozy library.”

"Decorating tips you have to break" House BeautifulEarth armchair by Brabbu

Decor rule to break #5 – Vintage pieces are best left as is

When we decorate with vintage furniture we tend to think “untouchable piece”. Well, that’s a rule to break: “Don’t be afraid to paint a vintage piece. Every piece of furniture can’t be brown.”

As you can read there are some decorating rules that we have to break. Rules change like decor trends, and we always have to follow the rules the we want to follow. Our home our decor. So if you ever think “i can’t do this because it goes against the decor rules”, remember that the best interior designers made a career by innovating, not by following every single rule of the book.

Home Design Ideas” will continue to give you fantastic home design ideas and House Beautiful. We like,as much as you, to read all about the best ideas for the home, the latest decor trends, the best interior design projects and so on.

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Source: House Beautiful