Inspiring ideas of Design Neon Signs

Neon lights make bold wall art for your modern interior design neon.


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Neon is a colorless stable gas, which produces color when added to other elements and electricity. The most common use of neon lights is in signs for stores, bars and restaurants, but it can also be added to an interior decor to create a funky modern appearance in your home. Neon light manufacturers can fashion the tubes of light into any shape.

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Neon signs may be used as decorative items in public spaces such as your company, wether it is a fabric, a bar, a coffee, even a museum or na art store. When you take your party outdoors, Delightull ofers you some ideas of design neon signs to illuminate your backyard.

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These neon lights are energy efficient while providing bright vibrant colors, that make this decorative lighting an ideal choice for modern home interiors. Delightfull’s designers have created the entire alphabet and numbers in neon light signals.

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In private spaces such as your home, you can create great ambiences. On a child’s room you can freely explore the use of neon lights. Find neon designs that will tie into your child’s bedroom theme, such as teddy bears, rainbows or characters from his favorite movie.

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If the kid is a boy, sports themes, like football helmets or basketballs in that team’s colors will always have a nice result. Neon bicycle or car sculptures also make charming decor for a child’s. The neon light can also serve as a night light in a child’s room.

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In this pink living room, created by Valeriec’s designers, neon lights give the room a 1980’s retro appearance.

Decorate the walls of your home in neon to create atmosphere and to provide lighting in the darkened room.

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Use neon wall art right out in the open in a contemporary or modern interior or exterior design. Desigers of Delightfull will allow you to find pieces that suit your taste and style.Neon-light-ideas-design-signs-delightfull-colour-3 Neon Signs Neon-light-ideas-design-signs-delightfull-colours