Living Room Worthy of a Magazine Cover - All You Need To Know!_____

Living Room Worthy of a Magazine Cover – All You Need To Know!

Worthy of a Magazine Cover!

We love to inspire ourselves with the most different and unique ideas of living room interior design. And what about you? Do you feel the same as we do?
If you are affectionate about home design ideas as we are, we strongly advise you to go through this post with eagle eyes. Details are in the small things, and to have a magazine cover room doesn’t mean to fill it with furniture; it means to take advantage of all the spaces you have in the best and smartest way. And I assure you – we are the experts in that.

CLOSE WARNING: These incredible living rooms that you are about to see might give you a heart attack!


Living roomIn this preposterous living room, the brilliant idea of creating modern design simplicity using black and white as the main colors were superb!
The slight divergence of color in the wood creates an environment with an aged touch, but that only adds eccentricity to this modern design.
The ethereal lines of the fireplace combined with the choice of minimal furniture made this living room timeless!


living roomAnd what about some color in your life? Whenever you are feeling sad or your spirit is down, this is the room you should be in!
Van Day Truex once said that in design, Mother Nature is our best teacher. And we couldn’t agree more! From the palm leaves to the bright neon pink that you might experience in a beautiful sunset, this inspirational design will never let you down. Plan your vacations in this ambiance or spend time with friends, enjoy this environment in whatever form you would like!

living room

living roomDo you have a countryside in you? If you like the beauty and freedom of walking through long grass fields, this is the fitting living room design for you! Even if you live in the city, here you will never consider yourself to be the typical cosmopolitan person. Always with a touch of nature, this setting is the way to go.

living roomWho said mixing colors and textures is never the best tactic?
For sure it can be risky, but here is the perfect example that you only have to take your chance and you will make it work! Edgy, actual and stylish, this is the most relaxed and outstanding salon we have ever seen. Be prepared to amaze all of your friends with this breath-taking scenario!


living roomliving room

As the term itself says, this is a room to LIVE in!
And who can live properly without some light in their lives? This is the best example of a proper, exquisite and luxurious living room with fitting mid-century lighting. Botti is the ideal floor lamp for every music enthusiast. It will give a jazzy look and arouse curiosity to anyone who comes into your household. This exquisite lamp in this fantastic surrounding with yellow and blue tones will be the place you will want to spend the rest of your life in!



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