Prepare your house for winter: fantastic winter decorations and tips

Winter hasn’t arrived yet but sometimes these cold days make us think otherwise. The holidays. They’re probably the happiest days of the year. Celebrate Christmas and the New Year with all the family is such a wonderful time.

Other special occasion and amazing thing about the holidays and the season are the decorations. Everyone likes to see fantastic decorations and especially the Christmas decor. In our house must be the most comfortable place on Earth. Comfortable and beautiful. So take a look to this fantastic decorations and tips!

Warm and cozy

As I told you in this post (How to make a living room cozier) you must arrange your furniture around the fireplace and light a fire. You will want to stay warm and relatively close to the fireplace. You can decorate it! Focus on classic winter colors, flowers and Christmas motifs. Your living room will be warm and cozy, the perfect place to relax.

Prepare-your-house-for-the--cozy-living-roomFestive windows

One thing that you have to do is to decorate your windows. Tell everybody that you love Christmas. You don’t have to fill your windows with stuff. Simple touches will do the trick. Your festive windows will surely give to your home a beautiful mood. Check bunz4ever.

prepare-your-house-for-the-winter-winter-decorationsColor the table

The Christmas table must be glamorous yet functional. Decorate it in a festive way to surprise your guests.

prepare-your-house-for-the--dinning-tableLittle touches around the house

Decorate your home with little touches that will create a big impact in the end. Switch out a certain lamp shade with each season, or use something as simple as a tablecloth. Have some candles and small decor accents to give your space a whole new feel perfect for winter and the holidays-

Prepare-your-house-for-the-Wintry Chandelier

A room prepared must have a chandelier as an important piece. Give your chandelier a makeover or, if you are ready to spend, the Delightfull‘s Atomic chandelier that we saw in yesterday’s post (click HERE) is really a fantastic option for any room.

prepare-your-house-for-the--Delightfull-atomic-chandelierRugs are essential

No one likes to be in a room without a rug. They instantly make your house more warm and cozy. For your own good get one.

prepare-your-house-fot-the--fantastic-rug-by BRABBUEmbrace

Instead of complaining that you miss the summer you should embrace this season and take full advantage of it. Prepare your house with some fantastic decor and make your home the most comfortable place on Earth.



Images: Deziner Tonie, Aldo Vega