Retro Vibe: Cool Lighting From the 60’s

For those who think that the golden era of the design ages were the 1950’s and 1960’s you are clearly a retro lover and collector. Especially if you think your home interior is missing a dotted wallpaper and phone with cord. But when it comes to cool lighting our choice is limitless. There are so many kinds of the 60’s reinterpretation on vintage lighting pieces but which of them are the perfect home lighting solution for your different interiors?

We have your answer and here you find ideas of cool lighting from the 60’s to get that retro vibe and vintage mood to you home interiors. Take a look!

by Elena Dobrovoloska

retro-vibe-cool-lighting-from-the-60's cool lighting

This is a gorgeous modern suspension lamp with 60’s inspirations that is perfect for a home entrance. With is spherical shapes placed in different hights creates a vintage vibe full of modern elegance.


retro-vibe-cool-lighting-from-the-60's cool lighting

The neo-retro design of the lamp is inspired of the universe of the sixties. The rectangular diffuser, provides direct light which is perfect for reading table or bedside use. Mounted on a pure aluminum structure, its adjustable height and double-wall reflector can direct the light as needed.

Lava Lamp by Jim Diffley

retro-vibe-cool-lighting-from-the-60's cool lighting

The lava lamps are designed in a variety of styles and colours to give your home decor a twist of the 60’s fun vibe. Use them in every room you feel confortable with and get a new fun and stylish home decor retro vibe.

by Teal Davison

retro-vibe-cool-lighting-from-the-60's cool lighting

For a kitchen this is a perfect idea of home lighting inspired by the 60’s, as it has clean lines but still a vintage elegance.


by SJvD Design


This is really authentic Mid-Century Kitchen design. The combination of custom made kitchen cabinets from light oak wood and pastel blue ceiling pendants has created the charming Mid Century ambiance in the place.

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