Our home design ideas for today were created by Axel VervoordtVervoordt has earned renown as a collector, antiquary, interior designer and, most recently, curator. He counts among his clientele royalty, rock stars, financiers, tech tycoons and artists. Tall and elegant, with a serene smile, this 62-year-old may be one of the world’s foremost tastemakers. Yet he has little interest in “style,” at least as it is currently defined, because essentially, Vervoordt is a metaphysician. Inquiries into the nature of being and concepts of time and space are what most compel him; he conveys his views through his inspired arrangements of objects and interiors. To some, expressing the lofty in the material might seem contradictory, but Vervoordt believes that, as in a Zen koan, truth can be contained in paradox and ambiguity. Clients may go to him in search of a splendid antique armoire or for help renovating and furnishing an 18th-century villa, but the most valuable service they receive is instruction in his highly evolved yet quite fundamental philosophy of living. Let’s see these Rustic home design ideas by Axel Vervoordt.

Rustic home design ideas by Axel Vervoordt  Axel Vervoordt Rustic home design ideas by Axel Vervoordt Rustic home design ideas by Axel Vervoordt 15

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