Be comfortable: "set the perfect reading corner"
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Do you like to read? Do you like to sit in your living room reading the latest interior design magazine or a brand new book? If you answer yes to both these questions, you must read this post about reading corner.

Home Design Ideas” will show how you can set a comfy reading corner. We will suggest you some good looking accessories for you home that you can use to create the perfect reading corner. Stylish and comfortable. Just the way you need it.

What do you must have in the perfect and comfy reading corner? A nice rug, the most comfortable chair in the world and a nice looking functional lamp that will give you the perfect amount of light to read and relax.

The comfy rug – Sandstorm by Brabbu

The first thing that you need for your comfy reading corner is a comfy rug. This winter has been extremely tough and it’s always nice to have a comfortable rug underneath your feet. Take a look at this rug by Brabbu. It’s the perfect thing to have on the floor of your reading corner

Be comfortable: "set a comfy corner" reading corner Be comfortable: set a comfy reading corner sandstorm rug 1The Sandstorm rug by Brabbu

The chair – Kayapo armchair by Brabbu

The chair is the most important thing in a corner. You have to choose the perfect one. It has to be comfortable and provide a relaxing feeling.

Be comfortable: "set a comfy reading corner" reading corner Be comfortable: set a comfy reading corner c74e593506f6ec712db6bfcae4c23169The Kayapo armchair byBrabbu

Lighting – The Diana floor lamp by Delightfull

Your reading corner has to have style but the most important thing is functionality. A stylish corner with bad light is no good so, you must choose something with style but that can also provide you with a great reading light.

Be comfortable: "set a comfy corner" reading corner Be comfortable: set a comfy reading corner diana floor giant colorful loft studio brass vintage lamp 07The Diana floor lamp by Delightfull

The blanket – Pur Cashmere TissuTissu Throw Blanket 

A comfy  reading corner wouldn’t be complete without the comfortable blanket. Choose the most comfortable that you can get your hands on!

reading corner Be comfortable: set a comfy reading corner contemporary throws
Contemporary Throws by New York Bedding & Bath Bed Bath & Beyond

Now that you’ve got some ideas for your perfect reading corner, it’s time for you to be comfortable and read an interior design magazine or the latest book.

If you’re going to visit IMM Cologn this week don’t forget to check Brabbu and Delightfull stands. They’re going to present fantastic new designs!

Home Design Ideas” will continue to share with you fantastic ideas for your home. Don’t forget to subscribe this blog and to follow us  on FacebookTwitter,  Google + and Pinterest.

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Everyone spends quite a lot of time in the living room. It doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful, gorgeous and a great piece of design: if it isn’t comfortable you won’t fully enjoy it.

Home Design Ideas already show you how you can turn your bedroom (click here) and now it’s time  to find some tips that will help you to turn your living room into a perfect place to relax.

Sofa: the capital of relaxation

When it’s cold your sofa has always a best friend: a blanket. Find a space in your living room where you can keep some blankets at an easy reach.

Your sofa can always be more comfortable. Throw loads of comfy and colorful pillows on top.

Be careful: your social life can be damaged! Use the sofa with moderation.

sofa with blanket living room How to make your living room cozier original wool throw herringbone patternLighting

A harsh and bright light won’t be good for your decor and especially for your relaxation time. Place your lamps in the best areas and, install a diffuser in your lights if you can, Fill your room with soft glows instead of bright lights. Table lamps that focus the light down will encourage people to sit down and relax.

Moderate light will make your living room feels more intimate and cozy.

living room How to make your living room cozier contemporary living room

Softer materials will make your house more comfortable. That’s a fact. A nice soft and warm carpet will be one of the most inviting aspects of your living room. You can stand on it, sit, kneel and even sit down. It’s up to you.

 soft rug living room How to make your living room cozier L14790760The fireplace

If you have one you have to build your decor around it. In the Winter you will want to be very close to it so you must, and i repeat, must have your living room decorated around the fireplace.

Comfortable living room: beautiful and inviting fireplace living room How to make your living room cozier 162 fireplace ideas photos fireplaces

Winter is coming and you must prepare your living room. You want a comfortable and beautiful space where you can spend the cold days around a blanket and good company.

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