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Today we are inspired by the ‘vintageness’ of the coca-cola’s bottle. The magic of this brand is globally known and loved.

As well as DelightFULL – Unique Lamps, that is the responsible for the most incredible vintage lamps. You have music inspired foot lamps, colorful table lamps, stunning ceiling lamps and a luxury sideboard. It’s hard to believe, but it’s the pure truth. 🙂

See some images and be delighted by this portuguese lighting brand.

DelightFULL unique lamps vintage ceiling lamp  Vintage Mood: DelightFULL lamps  delightFULL vintage lamps

l2_p355400_2200_1515-6  Vintage Mood: DelightFULL lamps  l2 p355400 2200 1515 6 modern-decor-ideas-for-spring-2015  Vintage Mood: DelightFULL lamps  modern decor ideas for spring 2015 4 10-ways-to-make-your-home-look-elegant-on-a-budget  Vintage Mood: DelightFULL lamps  10 ways to make your home look elegant on a budget 6 World’s TOP Lighting Brands #1  Vintage Mood: DelightFULL lamps  World   s TOP Lighting Brands 1

hhhh  Vintage Mood: DelightFULL lamps  hhhh3


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