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This is time for joy and happiness! We already know that it’s not easy to find good lighting online. And as we’ve said to you, is not that it doesn’t exist… But maybe you’re not searching the right way. We want to help you giving you the best tips to search vintage lamps online. But this time we want to do this for vintage lamps.

christmas-home-decor-vintage-chandelier vintage lamps vintage lamps 10 tips for you to search vintage lamps online christmas home decor vintage chandelier 7


Mid-century modern style light fixtures 4 vintage lamps 10 tips for you to search vintage lamps online Mid century modern style light fixtures 4

Remember: it’s all about keywords. Depending on what you are searching for, you should form sentences with the decor style (that’s vintage in this case) home divisions and even colors. Let’s see 10 examples of keywords you can use for searching vintage lighting.

  1. vintage ceiling light fixtures
  2. vintage bedroom lighting for small apartments
  3. vintage tripod lamps for living rooms
  4. vintage dining area floor lamps
  5. vintage white chandeliers
  6. kitchen vintage lighting
  7. vintage suspension chandelier
  8. vintage lighting fixtures
  9. vintage home lighting
  10. vintage neon signs

And don’t forget that if you are searching for a specific brand or market you should include the company name and cities, countries or even continents.

top-10-hotel-modern-pendant-lighting vintage lamps 10 tips for you to search vintage lamps online top 10 hotel modern pendant lighting 8


Happy holidays, home design lovers!

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