10 interior design ideas for small apartments

Small spaces can be the bane of any flat-dweller’s or home owner’s life. But they can also be a blessing in design disguise.

Those awkward, small spaces are often a catalyst for change, forcing you to clear the clutter and always come up with clever design ideas you may never have thought of otherwise.

From small living rooms to small bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and kids’ rooms, get inspired by these top tips and design ideas for tiny, small apartments. Take a look!

1. Use the foot of the bed as a desk area10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

For a small bedroom the best idea you can take is to use you the footh of your bed to place your desk. You will get a bigger bedroom and a stylish decor.

2. Think multipurpose10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

You can use a table that works both as a entry centre table and eating table.

3. Be creative with storage10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

In your small apartment every space matters, so make use of every creative space you can get to storage your things.

4. Use a sink outside the bathroom10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

You have a small bathroom next to your bedroom? So try to move your sink outside the bathroom to give you an extra space.

5. Extend rooms outside10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

If your kitchen has an exra space extended outdoors, yu can use a glass wall and biuld a deck for extra space in you tiny kitchen.


6. Make a library under the stairs10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

To save you the most space in you living room, use the space under the stairs in you apartment to build you home library.

7. Use versatile pieces in your studio10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

If you have a studio apartment, you have to use clever and versatile decor pieces. Try to use benches as a coffee table so you can move them around and not close off the space.

8. Turn a banquette into a guest bed10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

You always wanted to have your guests sleeping over but don’t have an extra guest room? Use your dining room banquette to build your guest bed and you even get and extra storage space underneath.

9. Be creative with a bath10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

Still wondering how to welcome your guests the bet way, but do’n have the space for a suite in you small apartment? Place a bath tub inside the room and get the best and stylish guest room you could ever imagine.

10. Use your walls for extra space10-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartments

If you don’t have much space for storage in your bathroom, make use of the walls to have built-in-shelves. And you can use this idea for every other room you want.


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