1. Comfortable Rug10-things-every-bedroom-needs

Nothing ruins a happy morning like stepping out of the bed into a cold, hard floor. So do yourself a favor and make sure your first step into the day is a cushy and comforting rug. by Adeeni Design Group

2. A Theme10-things-every-bedroom-needs

It’s the first thing a child will consider when putting together their first bedroom, but adults tend to shy away a decorative theme when designing their own bedroom. And it doesn’t have to be a Spiderman or Princess theme, just pick a motif or a color and go with it. by Thimothy Whealon

3. The right amount of throw pillows10-things-every-bedroom-needs

How to figure out this number: it should be enough pillows so that your bed loks sumptuous and inviting when properly made…yet not enough that getting in bed required 10 minutes of excavating. So keep it between 1 to 6 and your fine. by Lindsey Coral Harper

4. A place to sit (that’s not the bed)10-things-every-bedroom-needs

A good spot to sit will serve you well when you’re reading something to prevent you from falling asleep. Also it is good for having a conversation or even for putting on shoes. by Robert Passal

5. No tech in sight10-things-every-bedroom-needs

The bedroom is about sleeping. And what do you nedd when you’re sleeping? Definetely not you mobile phone or television. So keep them off your bedroom and you will also get more room for furniture and accessories you love. by Sarah Dorsey Designs


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6. A collection of thing you love10-things-every-bedroom-needs

It doesn’t have to be an entire étagère-full, as this in the image. But a cluster of pieces that make you smile will go a long way, specially in making your bedroom fell just right. by Kelly Sutton

7. Well-stocked nightstands10-things-every-bedroom-needs

The combination of a carefare of water, a great book, a flower and a lamp is the essential kit for pre, post and interrupted-sleep comfort. But don’t feel that your kit has to be stuning like magazine type to be perfect. The more “you” it feels, the better it will work and the more it will be a testment to your bedroom personal style.

8. A great mattress10-things-every-bedroom-needs

You can have every item on this list but your bedroom won’t be complete without a perfect mattress. After all, if you’re not getting enough quality sleep, you can’t fully appreciste your beatiful room. Saatva Mattress

9. Photograps – but not of family10-things-every-bedroom-needs

You should have as many family photos as you wish in other rooms in your home but it’s best to keep the bedroom’s artwork less emotionally loaded. Choose elegant and calming photographs that evoke you good feelings much like family portarist do.

10. Drama!10-things-every-bedroom-needs

Even the brightest, most cheerful bedroom need an element of dark, sexy glamour. Ammody wall paint, a theatrical chandelier or even an oversized headboard does the trick. But notice, balance is the key. Stick with one or two pieces and you’ll be golden. mirror by Koket


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