10 Things I Love About New York City

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Today we pay a tribute to the City That Never Sleeps – NYC. Here you’ll find a curated list of facts that prove NYC’s civic superiority and all the reasons that make not only New Yorkers proud but makes the rest of the world fall in love with the Big Apple.

Let’s check it!


1. It’s impossible to feel nerdy here10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

“I’d rather be nine people’s favorite thing than 100 people’s ninth favorite thing,” goes a lyric in the Off Broadway musical. The point is that you’re in New York, not high school: Obsessions of all sorts are embraced.

2. Unlike other metros, new york’s subway runs 24/710-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

It’s fitting that in the city that never sleeps, the subway doesn’t either.

3. Even though some cities claim to have better coffee, New York has the most coffee10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

There is no shortage of ways for New Yorkers to get a cup of joe: Outdoor carts hawk highly caffeinated and overboiled muds in iconic Anthora containers, like everywhere!

4. You can eat pretty much anything at any time10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

It’s no surprise that New Yorkers have access to just about any edible they want, whenever the whim strikes. Late-night or early-morning options in most cities are limited to whatever’s on the menu at 24-hour diners or fast-food drive-throughs, but NYC round-the-clock culinary clout extends far beyond rubbery omelettes and greasy, overcooked french fries.

5. NYC has the best menswear designers10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

Dudes don’t get the short end of the sartorial stick here: New York is home to a number of cutting-edge mens clothing designers.



6. New York City is the most recognizable pop-culture reference point10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

New York has become a major producer of great TV, home to both Carrie Bradshaw and Liz Lemon, plenty of shows filmed in Los Angeles still pretend to be in the Big Apple. And, did you think Gotham City and Metropolis were based on Cleveland?

7. New York is truly a 24-hour city10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

There’s no denying that New Yorkers actually can have pretty much anything at any time, day or night. And no matter where or when you wander around town, other people are out doing the same thing—some with purpose, some content to just explore.

8. You can travel the world without leaving the boroughs10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

Luckily, you can feast on traditional dishes from destinations near and far by simply hopping on the subway or the Staten Island Ferry. And the best part: no passport is required!

9. NYC has more culture than anyone could possibly see in one week—maybe even one lifetime10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

Thanks to the sheer number of places to visit in the city New York is simply one of the greatest cultural powerhouses in the world. And as they say, if you’re bored living in New York City, then we’re afraid you might be boring.

10. Every New Yorker is arrogant enough to be devoted to his city10-things-I-love-about-new-york-city

They know how expensive it is; they know that it’s chaotic and imposing and occasionally unfriendly; But, well that doesn’t matter —they think New York is better than any city, and if you don’t like it, well, tough!


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