2017 Design Trends That are here to Stay

Today we will talk about some 2017 design trends that came, saw and conquer. Stay tuned to catch up with the last trends that hyped this year. Times change and so do trends; is only up to you to keep up, or adopted a démode (pardon my french) kind of attitude….So, with no further due, lets start!

2017 Design Trends That are here to Stay

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Nature’s Palette

Smooth shades of green, purple, and taupe have been the choice to almost every paint brand’s color forecast for this year.

Pantone selected Greenery as its color of the year for 2017 due to the nature calling that this color transmits.

2017 Design Trends That are here to Stay

Raw Surfaces

Deep silver metals and dark, tactile stone will be more used in 2017.

Zinc, aluminum and tin are materials that started to appear more regularly at last year’s shows, which can work as a prediction for the last months of this year. Forget the shnny bright metals, and let the raw shine.

2017 Design Trends That are here to Stay

Sculpting lights

Times are evolving so as technology, and that is an amazing factor to the lighting world. Forget one-piece lighting fixtures… The future is here. “The intent is a system that can be configured as “one” of infinite scope. These fixtures invite a diversity of interpretation, from individual lighting designs to an application across the broad expanse of a big space.”

All for one and one for all

Times are changing, and 2017 just proves that.  Everything is connected and thats why now the interplay beetween color, graphic elements and bold architecture is stronger than ever. Is all about ecleticism. So, daring color blocking, strong graphic forms, and kaleidoscopic surfaces are here to stay.

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