The 2018 Decor Trends You Must-Have!

So, we’re ready to announce the hot home trends 2018! We’re close to Valentines Day and don’t let us start with Carnival around, but, today we’re going to show you how you need to have this 2018 decor trends spread through your home! Don’t Waste any more Time and Get Scrolling!

And The Trends Are: Here’s How The Colour of The Year 2018 Is Already Rocking The World! 

Lavender is the new Millennial Pink.

2018 Decor Trends You Need To Have Right Now! 1

If you are the lover of millennial pink you’re going to love this trend then! A soft colour palette is waiting for you. While millennial pink is still adored by many, the soft colour is slowly turning itself into lilac and lavender. The soft tone that brought many sceptics around is here to stay and to bring alive the richer, deeper tones.

Tone on Tone.

2018 Decor Trends You Need To Have Right Now! 3

Pick a colour to get your wall decor on point, then choose the right furniture to fit into your living room layout. If they are the same, you’ve got the right path to get on the home interior trends 2018!

Colourful Trims.

2018 Decor Trends You Need To Have Right Now! 4

Think colourful patterns to break the conservative tastes. Decorative finishes like glazes will be the one to warm the home interior projects of any interior designer.

Tile Tales.

2018 Decor Trends You Need To Have Right Now! 5

Big tiles are a big thing in 2018. “Subway tiles have become a safe material often used for renovations as well as new construction. Recently, there has been a trend towards using larger format tile and even slab sized porcelain sheets,” says Asprea. 

Velvet All Around.

2018 Decor Trends You Need To Have Right Now! 2

We’ve already established we love the feeling of velvet under our hands. Smooth, classy and stylish this home trend 2018 never goes out of hand. Get your hand on some mid-century furniture and your hands and you’ll see how much your home interior decor will thank you!

Bold Accents.

2018 Decor Trends You Need To Have Right Now! 6

Think big. Think feminine. Think floral. Bold patterns all around this year. Get your pillows out, we’re decorating your living room design with big beautiful florals! Other options: geometric patterns especially on walls.

And The Trends Are: Design Trends: Discover some Unique Patterns that we Love 

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