5 lighting tricks used by top interior designers

Interior design light isn’t just to see where you´re going. You can use light and shadows to make your house look stylish, modern, trendy and fun.

In this post i’ll point to you some tricks revealed by A-list designers. You should keep them in mind when you decide to turn you entire house into a more bighter place.


1 –  “I use flowers and plants a lot because they really wake up a living room — and then I light them theatrically. I’ll wash a flower arrangement in light, or aim one under a big leaf so that it just glows, as if in sunlight, even if it’s midnight.” — Larry Laslo


Larry Laslo interior design


2 – “A room should have multiple kinds of light to balance it and give it interest: hanging fixtures with uplights and downlights in them to add perspective, table lamps for tasks, and candlelight for coziness. It’s beautiful to group candles in twos and threes on tables and on window ledges. You can use the fat chunky ones and set them on flat stones or old pieces of wood.” —James Huniford


James Huniford & Stephen Sills interior design


3- “In a bedroom, you need what I call a love light — a lamp you can dim when you’re feeling amorous. In my bedroom, I have a Noguchi paper standing lamp. I use a 25-watt incandescent bulb — barely any light at all — that goes amber when I put the dimmer on. It gives everyone the golden glow of late afternoon sunshine — that most beautiful light.” —Clodagh


Clodagh interior design


4 – “I love to put a lamp on a long dining table. Clear one end, and put the light and all the food and flowers there. It makes a lovely still life and floods the scene with warmth.” —Barbara Barry


Barbara  Barry interior design


5 -“If you really want to go the distance, have diffusers made for the tops of all your lampshades. A diffuser is a plate that you attach to the lamp itself — we make ours out of sandblasted glass — and it prevents the light from casting a big shadow on the ceiling.” —. J. Randall Powers


J..Randall Powers interior design


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Quotes fund in House Beautiful