50 shades of grey home design ideas get your luxury apartment

50 shades of grey home design ideas: get your luxury apartment

What we have for you today is a very special selection of home design ideas from 50 shades of grey, because we want you to learn how to get your own luxury apartment.

Universal Pictures choses once again the iconic pieces of Boca do Lobo to decorate and represent the glamourous life of the famous and billionaire protagonistof 50 Shades of Grey. After the participation of the brand on the design set of one of the most seen 2015 movies, it’s time to present the luxurious trends to the next episode of Mr. Grey’s extravagant lifestyle.

50 shades of grey home design ideas get your luxury apartment  suite bocadolobo (5)
Boca do Lobo‘s Suite at Hotel Infante Sagres, Portugal, with DelightFULL’s Stanley and Pastorius lamps

The idea of inspiring future interior decorations took Boca do Lobo to the next Fifty Shades of Grey’s chapter – Fifty Shades Darker – and the passion and the personality were once again carried to the setting. Boca do Lobo Design Studio believes that the elegance, and renement of each piece presented is timeless, perfectly matching the story’s environment and it’s unwind. Striving to crave emotion in viewers’ homes was achieved with Boca do Lobo being the best synonymous of luxury and exclusivity.



Directed by James Foley, alongside with E. L. James, the original storywriter, Fifty Shades is one of the most provocative movie of nowadays, translated into 51 languages worldwide, selling over 100 million paper back and e-book copies making it one of the fastest-selling book series ever. Boca do Lobo Design Studio is on the new and remodel design set, fully embracing, once again, the Fifty Shades of Grey character and style. The given opportunity being a part of this experience gave Boca do Lobo a chance of promoting a new roll of exclusive and exquisite pieces that were chosen to renew Christian Grey’s apartment.

Fortuna Gold

50 shades of grey home design ideas get your luxury apartment  Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do LoboThe Fortuna Dining Table is a shimmering statement piece that unites Boca do Lobo’s one of a kind design aesthetic and passion for Gold. Representing the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, the Fortuna features a one of a kind design, with a unique table surface, texture and incredible nish. The right choice to Christian Grey’s dining room.

Eden Series

50 shades of grey home design ideas get your luxury apartment  Eden Series center tables by Boca do Lobo

The Eden Series isn’t quite like anything seen before. Their organic shape a texture is inuenced by trees and ora, with their unique form achieved through several manual processes delivered by an experienced team of craftsmen. Available in groups of 7, 8 or 15 pieces, the Eden Series oers a wide variety of combinations and adaptations to suit all kinds of interiors and settings, perfect to the dierent Christian Grey’s way of living.

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We want to remember that other portuguese brands, that happen to be Boca do Lobo’s sister brands, were present in the first film. The first Fifty Shades of Grey movie featured many designs of DelightFULLbyKoket and Brabbu.

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