6 Rising Asian Talents in M&O’s Spotlight

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Opening its doors to the public for the first time, Maison&Objet Asia 2015 trade show will showcase decoration and design from prestigious brands and designers all over the world. And there are some highlights you mustn’t miss while you’re there.

Maison&Objet Asia has been a platform that puts the spotlight on talented designers, and this year’s edition is no different. Coming from Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore, these six very promising young designers have been selected and given the opportunity to present their work in the «Rising Asian Talents» section of the Maison&Objet Asia tradeshow.

Let’s meet them!


Abie Abdillah, Indonesia6-rising-asian-talents-in-M&O's-spotlight

For his furniture pieces, Abie focuses on rattan’s inherent qualities; strength and flexibility. He combines modular units of bent pieces into well-ordered shapes.

Monica Tsang, Hong Kong6-rising-asian-talents-in-M&O's-spotlight

Monica applies her character and design philosophy “Live your life from your heart and be inspired every day” on her collections. She likes dark humor and things that are odd and strange, but she has a very feminine taste too.

Outofstock, Singapore6-rising-asian-talents-in-M&O's-spotlight

This multi-cultural design team works by designing product, furniture and lighting for many international clients collections. Apart from art direction of photography and short films, Outofstock also crafts dining experiences through their restaurant designs.

Delightfull Catalogue

Poetic Lab, Taiwan6-rising-asian-talents-in-M&O's-spotlight

The duo share a core design philosophy; ideologies and materials to write poetry
with objects. Having acquired very diverse experiences before they decided to work together, this enabled them to shape products, lighting and furniture from multiple perspectives.

Wonmin Park, Korea6-rising-asian-talents-in-M&O's-spotlight

Park’s furniture designs are sculpture-like, that appeal to the visual senses. To maximize the visual appeal of his pieces, Park uses resin, and the end results are visual feasts, reminiscent of an abstract painting.

Zhang Zhoujie, China6-rising-asian-talents-in-M&O's-spotlight

Zhoujie’s works is based on the concept of ‘Spontaneity’. It pays respect to the logic of mathematics and objects are generated following the law of the digital environment. It is designing without anticipation. He believes that his role to be a designer is ‘Actionless’, to interfere as little as possible and give space for imagination.


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