A Guide to IMM 2015 – Best spots at Cologne

As we already showed you everything there is to know about IMM Cologne 2015, today we have a special gift. We prepared you a guide to the best places to eat, drink, sleep and shop at Cologne, this major cultural city. Take a look!


Where to stay?

Excelsior Hotel Ernsta-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologneIn the heart of Cologne, this luxury hotel maintains the tradition of hospitality and remains modern by applying innovation. As Grand Hotel, it participates actively in urban life and it’s committed to art and culture.

Malerwinkel Hotela-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologneThis charming hotel features historic half-timbered buildings in the heart of Bergisch Gladbach’s Bensberg district.

Where to eat?

Restaurant La Visiona-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologneThis gourmet restaurant, located in the Hotel Wasserturm, has held two Michelin stars since 2011. From the restaurant’s roof terrace, on the 11th floor of this former water tower, guests can enjoy the panorama of Cologne cathedral.

Restaurant Vendomea-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologneEnjoy gourmet cuisine by the best representative of the so-called “New German Cuisine”. The restaurant Vendôme, headed by 3-star chef Joachim Wissler, is one of the best restaurants in Germany. Joachim Wissler serves a blend of classical cuisine, creativity and modernity.

What to visit?

Cologne Cathedrala-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologneThe most-visited attraction in the whole country – is the best starting-point on a trip to
Cologne. The epitome of high gothic architecture, Cathedral’s immense size is accentuated by the two soaring towers which dominate the skyline, making it the largest cathedral in the world. You can even climb up the 533 steps to the platform of the South Tower and enjoy the panoramic views if you’re feeling energetic.

Galerie Art Cluba-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologneHoused in a renovated fire station, Galerie Artclub is more impressive than its unassuming name suggests. Members of the ‘club’ are invited to display their art in one of the five exhibition halls – either as part of a group exhibition or a solo feature. What’s appealing about the Artclub is its inherent flexibility.

Where to shop?

The Belgian Quartera-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologneThe most popular shopping streets in Cologne are Schildergasse and Hohe Straße, but if you want to venture away from the crowds, head to the Belgian Quarter. The
area is home to a wealth of off-the-mainstream fashion labels, designers and quirky boutiques – including one that doubles up as a laundrette! Handy?

Interlubke Studioa-guide-to-imm-2015-best-spots-at-cologne

This Studio is inseparably linked to the furniture metropolis of Cologne. Customers are provided with in-depth advice when buying new furniture. On three floors and 900 m² of presentation space you will find a wide variety of ideas which more than enhance your living, sleeping and working world.


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