INSPIRATIONS 10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews

10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews

Everyone in Los Angeles knows at least 10 Amazing Interior ideas by Jeff Andrews, as one of the most recognized Interior Designers from California, he creates sophisticated and Livable interiors for Families and Celebrities from different areas. We choose some of the best Projects to present you with refreshing ideas. Scroll down to check!

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Jeff Andrews has an innovative approach to Interior Design and he works for many celebrities. He has a natural talent to infuse different styles and turn them into something warm, sophisticated, and most importantly, with “a sense of home”. Besides the sophistication that is notable, Jeff includes in all of his projects the concept of high Designs in quality, function and comfort, executed with the most aesthetical elements and modern amenities.

Beverly Hills Project

10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_1

As mentioned before, Andrews is inspired by his southern California upbringing and with all his team. As we can see in this project, the intention is always to have in mind the details, as an important accent of any Room Interiors.


10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_2

The versatility of tastes is always present in his projects, this traditional home Design shows the meticulous contribution of Jeff in each room he decorates. In every project, this Team has the concern to ensure the end result exceeds clients expectations.


10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_3

All the glamorous projects have different insights to make them unique, Jeff has more than one Project in Beverly Hills, so this kitchen e part of one of them. Here we have space with two areas to enjoy some social part and the closest to the cooking area. Mixing sophisticated and contemporary style with some woody and more “camping” chic, this is more than a Unique project.

Doheny Estates

10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_4

Doheny Estates is one of the Iconic Projects, where we can see high-end furniture, mixed with some luxury style and the improvement of the rooms. This image has the living room as background and focuses on a Dining Room with a gold touch on the dining table and with some details on the dining Chairs.


10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_5

DOWNTOWN LA, is itself in the middle of the city so it has a different style also. This Dining room has more a practical and comfort zone, with more space and seats for people which also reduces de living Room in order to have the outdoor space that we can meet through this picture.


10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_6

We’ve tried to choose different spaces so the versatility is obvious, so, from another point of view, we have a dining corner with a simple dining table and four chairs in wood, very practical and a simple style with some nature and neutral colours.


10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_7

Los Angeles is itself a multicultural place where Interiors are also more than one. In this project we have a Dining Room with Office space that is styled in a mix of Classic and Modern furniture, all the colours are warmer and it has a Rug that makes everything look “fluffy”.


10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_8

Another of our top List in a Coastal State, is of course a Beach Look Interiors, in this MANHATTAN BEACH Project we see it perfectly, with the see in the background. The combination of shades of blue, white and some wood touch are the perfect combination for a Beach Look.


10 Amazing Interior Ideas By Jeff Andrews_9

One of last but not least is the colourful Living Rooms, Jeff is not monochromatic, he actually uses more clean colours but in this MANHATTAN BEACH Project we see a completely different look, full of colours, yellow and pink are the main, the lights are also an important detail and the Rug that makes everything even more colourful and comfortable.


Finally, we get to our last inspirational Project, where the living room has a boho style, where they mix nature details with some neutral colours and white and it makes a harmonious space to enjoy relaxing moments.

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