Amazing Roof Hideaway For The Perfect Relax Time

Amazing Roof Hideaway For The Perfect Relax Time

A Hidden Oasis Where You Can Relax

The Monade Capsule by the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Alice Bleton is just the place you’ll want to be, a perfect addition to any roof hideaway. The nomad capsule with stunning and spectacular features that will bring the adventure into your life. Come and take a peek!

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Amazing Roof Hideaway For The Perfect Relax Time 1

An amazing roof hideaway, that’s what the Monade Capsule is about. A place where city dwellers can take a rest from the busy day, from their busy lives. The ultimate place to disconnect from technology and life for a few moments.

Amazing Roof Hideaway For The Perfect Relax Time 2

Built in a L-shaped form, it allows the pod to hang from any place convenient. Like the edge of a building for example. The stunning piece of design is meant to bring personal space to another level.

Amazing Roof Hideaway For The Perfect Relax Time 3

Made from 21 pieces of fibreglass with transparent sections that let the natural light enter the capsule and allow the person inside a clear view. The load-bearing base anchors it tightly to any rooftop and facade. Whether you want it hanging off a skyscraper or a rugged mountain cliff, the off-grid capsule can support up to five people inside.

Amazing Roof Hideaway For The Perfect Relax Time 4

The inspiration behind this creation was the shelter’s that can withstand several extreme kinds of weather. “At the top of the mountain, and in the hardest reachable places, people created cabins and refuges to spend the night. These temporary shelters offer minimal comfort to the hikers. It’s a shared space where people gather to protect themselves from the outside climate.”

Amazing Roof Hideaway For The Perfect Relax Time 8

” The Monade Capsule is an urban hut. This transparent capsule on a roof high above the city offers a temporary escape to the urban hub, while also allowing us to reconnect with our environment. The capsule nestles in the density of the city, but escapes it due to its high position. The shape embraces the buildings since it lies partly on the roof and the facade. Like a mountain retreat, it offers a quiet space to breathe with a new viewpoint. Spread over the city, the capsules can create a network of unique views – a new way to perceive and embrace our environment. The Monade Capsules are designed for office workers: they provide them with a place to isolate themselves, take distance from the office and re-engage with the environment. ”

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