Apartment in Florence interior design that’s worth a shot

Apartment in Florence: Interior Design That’s Worth A Shot

It’s no surprise that digital art and graphic design are taking the market by surprise. This is, of course, an opportunity to find out more about Jordan Pierguidi. This Italian Visual Studio based on Florence specializes in computer graphics visualization and interior design.

Take a peek at what we have to show you!

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Apartment in Florence interior design that’s worth a shot

Just look at this incredible interior design. Neutral tones have become a refined taste these days. With colors that remind of fall, this apartment in Florence makes the inner child in us come out.

Apartment in Florence interior design that’s worth a shot

With very simple, clean colors, this is the perfect combination of spaciousness and soothing presence that the light tones present in the room need.

Apartment in Florence that’s worth a shot

Again with the earth tones. They are the perfect example of how a room can be so calm and be a place of constant movement.


It’s quite clear that open rooms and comfort are the prized choices in this home design. With an attachment to nature, it’s the perfect combination between the outdoor surroundings of the apartment and the apartment itself.

Apartment in Florence that’s worth a sho

When you have children, every room seems a playground to them. So, space is the key in this home decor.  Always having a connection to nature, this only promotes the close relationship that the room transmits with its earthy tones and simple home design.

The office. A space where you can work and have some free time. One aspect is the key though: color. Color means everything when you have to work. White works wonders because it gives the peace we all deserve. With a simple home design, every aspect of this room tells us that space is everything.

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Apartment in Florence interior design that’s worth a shot 10

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