INSPIRATIONS Somewhere Between Architecture And Art Discover Laplace Studio

Somewhere Between Architecture And Art: Discover Laplace Studio

Discover the incredible work of Laplace Studio!

As his name shows it, Luis Laplace is shared by two cultures, his roots are from Argentine and his adopted country is France. This duality shows in a colorful and warmful design but also organized and clear. Luis Laplace arrives in Paris in 2004 and starts a partnership with the lawyer Christophe Comoy with who he starts a disciplinary agency that takes care of building works, interior design, and also furniture design. Today, the work of the agency covers the pages of famous magazines, like the Architectural Digest and the projects are following the ones after the others.

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Founded in 2004 in Paris by Luis Laplace and Christophe Comoy, Laplace has developed an international sensitivity to high-end design and execution. Through good use of space and light, proper selection of materials and color as well as passion for art and craftsmanshipLaplace combines modern simplicity with great elegance.

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Parisian Apartment
Somewhere Between Architecture And Art Discover Laplace Studio_2
Parisian Apartment

Luis Laplace was born in Buenos Aires from an artist family and was influenced by contemporary art really early. Today, we can see this influence in his projects, and even when he works for art galleries and artists. After finishing his architecture studies, Luis Laplace flew to New York to work for Annabelle Selldorf and learn how to manage pieces of art for his clients.

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Luxury Villa in Ibiza
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Luxury Villa in Ibiza

By this love for art, the studio is dedicated to the same kind of work, however, the duo of entrepreneurs doesn’t accept being limited to only one kind of project. It is indeed really different to work on a project such as the Durslade Farmhouse in Great Britain and a Mexican restaurant for example.

Somewhere Between Architecture And Art Discover Laplace Studio_5
Eduardo Chillida Museum

The last episode was the restoration of the  Eduardo Chillida museum in the Spanish Basque country.  Eduardo Chillida was a San Sebastian born sculptor that created huge metal knot as a tribute to one of his friend dead too early. The Eduardo Chillida Museum opened its doors and showing off completely rethought interiors by the Argentinian architect!

Somewhere Between Architecture And Art Discover Laplace Studio_6
Place Saint-Georges, Paris

Luis Laplace has an exceptional variety of skills, from the building works until the design of the furniture pieces. His style is mixing colors and shapes. His interior design is warm and doesn’t stop being on the front pages of the magazine and seducing more and more the public.

Somewhere Between Architecture And Art Discover Laplace Studio_7
Luxury Residence

In parallel with his interior design activity, the studio also produces furniture under the name of the “Laplace Bespoke”. Each piece wears a name aesthetically technical like the FL156 table. Those furniture pieces have a minimalistic aspect, neutral colors, and are really contemporary.

Mellorca House

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