Architecture: The Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler

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Today we share with you a new prespective of the modern architecture. Have you met the a mirror house yet? No? So we present you the amazing and bold project by the italian architect Peter Pichler.



Located just outside the city of Bolzano, in Italy, the Mirror Houses as designed to be a striking pair of holiday homes.


The Mirror Houses offer a unique chance to spend a beautiful vacation surrounded by contemporary architecture of the highest standards and the most astonishing Landscape and beauty nature has to offer.” says Pichler.


The projects initial volume is split in 2 units that are slightly shifted in height and length in order to loosening the entire structure and articulating their differentiation.

Delightfull Catalogue

Both units are floating on a base above the ground evoking lightness beside offering better views from their cantilevering terraces to the impressive surrounding landscape. The volume opens towards east with a big glass facade that fades with curvilinear lines into the black aluminum shell. Mirrored glass on the west facade borders the garden of the client with the units and catches the surrounding panorama with pool while making the units almost invisible.


In certain views from the garden the old existing farmhouse is mirrored in the new contemporary architecture and is literally blending into it rather then competing against.


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