"Architecture trends for 2014: what to expect"

Architecture trends for 2014: what to expect in home design

Home designs, that means architecture, have been changing all over the years. Architecture trends are always thinking in the future. Today’s constructions are yesterday’s designs.

Architects have to be as innovative as possible. They are the persons that can change the landscape and make our lives much more comfortable and easy.

In 2014 there are some trends that will catch up and be used by architects and builders all over the world.

Home Design Ideas” will reveal to you some architecture trends that you can expect in 2014!

Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are rapidly being used all over the planet. They can be built faster and easier. Builders can use very different methods to construct them and architects have a wider choice of materials. Modern engineering at its best.

If you don’t think that prefabricated houses are a good option just read the December/January issue of Dwell. It’s a great way for you to find more useful information about prefabricated houses.

"Architecture trends for 2014: prefabricated houses"Luxurious prefabricated house

More integration with green spaces

With cities increasingly more populated, the need and demand for more green and energy efficient homes, architects have started to create designs with an ecological concern. They are integrating more green spaces are it’s hard to find a home that it isn’t Eco friendly. In 2014 Eco friendly houses will be a common construction all over the world.

"Architecture trends for 2014: eco-friendly houses"Eco friendly home design

Homes will be more minimalist

Our house is seen as our escape from the world. In 2014 architects will be extremely concerned with the energy of the spaces. Homes will be more spacious and without too many divisions. Interior designers will design spaces a little bit minimalistic to create a more relaxed ambience.

 "Architecture trends for 2014: minimalist interior home design"Minimalist interior home design

Traditional home design

In 2014, Midcentury modern design will continue to be the most common style however more homeowners are looking for a traditional home design. Architects and builders will face more demand for this style of homes.

"Architecture trends for 2014: traditional homes"

These are some architecture trends that you can expect in 2014. Of course, some of them might change and other home design ideas will appear, but “Home Design Ideas” can say that, for example, prefabricated houses will have an important presence in the landscape and that architects will have to create more and more eco-friendly houses.

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