Bedroom Design Ideas: 10 dressing tables

Wanna see some bedroom design ideas? Home Design Ideas select the top 10 dressing tables for your room. Discover more all these beauties just right here.

First we have this interior decorate by Kristin Kerr.

kristin kerr interiors Bedroom Design Ideas: 10 dressing tables
Kristin Kerr Interiors

The 30’s are perfect to find the most stylish mid-century dressing tables.

Mid-Century Dressing Tables |Bedroom Design Ideas: 10 dressing tables
Mid Century Dressing Tables

Discover the recover dressing table by Fall for DIY.

Bedroom Design Ideas: 10 dressing tables
All For DIY

Another one beautiful dressing table by the Mid Century.

Mid Century Dressing Table
Mid Century Dressing Table

This dressing table by London designer Florian Schmid comprises a circular mirror with a two-legged table slicing halfway across it.

Florian Schmid Bedroom Design Ideas: 10 dressing tables
Florian Schmid

The Lana dressing table’s lower lockable drawer houses produced by Pinch Design is a removable leather lined jewellery tray, and a drawer divider.
The surface box consists of 3 smaller drawer sections and the dressing table comes with a stack of 3 round solid walnut storage boxes with a single lid and bristle handle.

Bedroom Design Ideas: 10 dressing tables
Pinch Design

WE WOOD the Portuguese joinery also have a dressing table, Lei is a multifunctional and ambiguous table which works as a computer desk for him or as a dressing table for her.

We Wood

Royal College of Art graduate Lauren Davies has designed a range of copper, maple and glass tools to make scented oils, creams and cosmetics at home (+ slideshow).

The Alchemist’s Dressing Table project by Lauren Davies features a three-tier distiller for making scented oils, a scent infuser for creating creams and balms, and a double-sided copper bat for mixing eyeliner.

Lauren Davies  Bedroom Design Ideas: 10 dressing tables
Lauren Davies

London designers Doshi Levien presented this dressing table for BD Barcelona Design.

Doshi Levien

Melrose is a modern dressing materialize return of feminine refuge. Created with Boca do Lobo’s core value of reinterpreting the past and giving it a contemporary style, Melrose presents a novelty, a mirror that lets you adjust the viewing angle while rotating around a vertical axis, allowing a rotation of 360º.

Boca Do Lobo
Boca Do Lobo