Today we will check the best celebrity homes in NYC.

Get ready to be amazed by beautiful design areas, and enormous spaces covered in luxury and elegance. If you are wondering how celebrities manage to keep in shape, probably the answer lays on the fact that they have to walk a lot inside their place, just to get from one room to another.

Before we present the list is better to give you all a brief heads-up: After finish reading this article please do not get jealous of your favorite musicians, movie stars or athletes, and continuing love your place, like you always loved.

Let´s initiate the tour through the Top 7 celebrity homes in NYC.

BEST CELEBRITY HOMES IN NEW YORK CITYHere you can see Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy’s cozy place. This is replete with fancy touches and elegant finishes.This historic five-bedroom townhouse was built with unique architectural features, from a hall of mirrors to French poems elegantly embossed on the ballroom’s ceiling.

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This was the one choose by John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. Unexpectedly the choice laid on a dark and moody one-bedroom in NoLIta.You can notice the exposed brick, dark ceilings, and limited natural light, and perhaps that is the main reason why this apartment is so desirable. Really cozy architecture and a beautiful place to share with those you love. Easy on the eye, and very inviting to hide and run from the cold days due to the warmness that the apartment breathes.


Though freshly renovated, actress Kirsten Dunst’s SoHo penthouse is filled with patina and historic accents. The brick walls, concrete ceiling, and industrial-size windows are quintessential New York. The décor is effortless and eclectic—with a mix of vintage furniture and notable antiques. The bricks on the wall and Kirsten´s wardrobe are two defining characteristics of the master bedroom. This is what would be like if simplicity and complexity started a relationship. BEST CELEBRITY HOMES IN NEW YORK CITY

One we talk about celebrity homes we cannot forget ex-property of Sarah Jessica Parker. The home she once owned with husband Matthew Broderick is an architect’s dream, featuring a gorgeous curved banister, a dramatic floating tub, and an expansive kitchen swathed in marble. The home is not only architecturally pleasant to look at but was also lovingly styled by design firm ASH with truly covetable and one-of-a-kind art and furniture. The amplitude and depth are truly remarkable and the modern style has a strong presence on the house divisions. Even other celebrity homes would feel envy of this one.

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BEST CELEBRITY HOMES IN NEW YORK CITYWe present to you Neil Patrick Harris´s Harlem home. The How I Met Your Mother star shares this expertly curated home with partner David Burtka and their young twins, Gideon and Harper. The look is elegantly tailored and there is a lot of nice features (like the guitars and paintings on the wall) that really gives a nice cool vibe to “Barney Stinson´s” home.

BEST CELEBRITY HOMES IN NEW YORK CITYWhen it comes to celebrity homes we cannot forget Brooke Shields. So, welcome to Brooke Shields family´s nest. The Greenwich Village townhouse she shares with her family is charmingly timeless, with just the right hint of quirky eye-catching accents. Graceful details with a pinch of luxury (like the fireplace) are some cool extra features that you can find at Brooke Shields´s townhouse.

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Cameron Diaz sure knows how to treat herself. The beautiful actress counted on the help of interior designer Kelly Wearstler to decorate her Manhattan pied-à-terre, and each room is immaculately furnished in an edgy and cool yet insanely comfortable way. All the corners are complete with fancy touches and the extras are amazing. Ample space, bright by the sun, that is always invited to come in. Sounds a good way to start the day right?. Buenos Diaz!

We had a really nice time writing this post. We expect to see you more often around here. Thank you for the support guys, and thanks to all celebrity homes that helped us celebrate this article with amazing designs and astonishing interior decorations.

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