Best design projects: art deco lighting

If you want to redecorate you home interiors with art deco style there are so many options you can choose and use. And if you are an art deco lighting fan try to brighten up your home decoration with art deco lighting.

When it comes to interior design ideas, changing your home lamps in your room is always the best and simple idea to have a different mood in your home design. This style is often characterized by rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. And that goes for lighting as well.

To help you with your choice here is a selection of the best design projects with art deco lighting. You just have to fit the lamp to your contemporary and art deco home style. Take a look!

The Viceroy Hotel New York by Roman and Williamsbest-design-projects-art-deco-lighting

Belle Epoque by Elena Dobrovolskabest-design-projects-art-deco-lighting


New Halo Nightclub by Jesse Sherburnebest-design-projects-art-deco-lighting

Zverynets Str. by Antonovich Katerinabest-design-projects-art-deco-lighting

Art-deco bathroom by ARTKRYLA design groupbest-design-projects-art-deco-lighting

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