The Best Luxury Design Projects By Perkins+Will

The Best Luxury Design Projects By Perkins+Will

Here are the best luxury design projects by Perkins+Will!

Perkins+Will was founded on the belief that design has the power to transform lives – for their clients, their culture, and their communities. By gaining a holistic view of the clients’ vision, needs, and context, and adding creativity and innovation, the company’s work addresses complex problems. Perkins transforms the clients’ businesses and missions, helping to make them leaders in their fields. Built environments should reflect context, history, cultures, communities, and the natural environment while incorporating advances in technology.

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When the doors of Billerica Memorial High School opened on the first day of the new school year, a sense of pride permeated the halls—a palpable sense of gratitude for this physical expression of the town’s contemporary identity.

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It’s rare that a single building has the power to shift the perception of an entire community—but that was exactly our opportunity in designing the new BMHS. Billerica had quietly reinvented itself in recent years, excelling in business, robotics, drama, and athletics, so we seized the chance to design a flexible, forward-looking educational environment that matched their myriad achievements. We partnered with students, staff, and community members to ensure that the town’s largest civic building embodied its aspirational commitment to education while respecting its historic civic legacy. It’s a concept we’ve called reflection with direction—honouring the past, aiming for the future—and it’s woven throughout the fabric of the new building’s architecture, detailing, and branding. The school demonstrates how simplicity gives rise to depth, and how we, collectively, can be re-made.

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The government of Ghana needed a way to provide its most populous city with quality medical care in a highly sustainable, resilient, and nurturing built environment. Knowing there would be unique socioeconomic and geographic hurdles to overcome, the government turned to our designers to devise the solution.


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With the need to consolidate and expand neuroscience services and improve the patient experience, UC Health embarked on providing a state-of-the-art outpatient facility that provides innovative care to neurological patients.

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