Best of Modern Lighting

Modern lighting is everywhere and we want it in your homes as well. Now that New Year is almost here we need to begin a different life. You can start by choosing a brand new lighting… What do you think about it? We knew you would love the idea, so we prepared this lovely post, with the best of modern lighting.

We can’t run away from the classics: and a classic is, indeed, Bestlite BL2 table lamp from Gubi. The golden finishes will attribute a touch of sophistication to a special place of your house.

Best of Modern Lighting 1 table lamps

From Sweden, we bring Zero, that  gets their inspiration from the light, darkness and shadows of their country’s environment and took advantage of their founders knowledge in the field of glass yielding and perforated metal sheets fittings. An amazing piece, designed by Thomas Bernstrand.

Best of Modern Lighting 2 colorful modern lamps

Beads are available in two sizes and is made with stainless steel balls, connected them together to create a beautiful fixture. Finishes available in copper, silver, white and black.

Best of Modern Lighting 3 ceiling lamps

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Here’s another fantastic look. Got to love the printed wall. But the stripes, the industrial sideboard and the colors aren’t the best things about this interior: the Madeleine chandelier, by DelightFULL is what we love the most. For us, the perfect modern lighting choice to an office or library.

Best of Modern Lighting 4 chandelier

Again by DelightFULL, this is Matheny. A stilnovo suspension lamp that it’s capable of reinvent any interior design. It can assume a round, oval, rectangular or even square format. That way you can adapt it perfectly at your project.

Best of Modern Lighting 5 suspension lighting

And look at this amazing white chandelier. A mix between modern and mid-century styles. The perfect must have to your bedroom, living room or even dining area.

Best of Modern Lighting 6 white chandelier

Now you’re prepared to choose the best lighting for your home and to build the perfect home design. Enjoy!

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