Best white chandeliers lighting

Modern white chandeliers are a must have in any room, and that’s all because of its elegance and opponency. Pendant lighting is sophisticated, luxurious and definitely has some personality. If you already chose the best piece for your home, it is time to choose the color. And that is a new trouble. But we decided to make you a good suggestion: why don’t you choose white? This lovely color allow you to be risky in another details of your decor. And as you know, decor pieces in white are always so elegant and chic.

So, if you love chandeliers with many lampshades, this one is perfect for you. The golden details give it a luxury touch. DelightFULL has done a great job, as they always do!

Best-white-chandeliers-lighting-1 - ceiling lamp Modern white chandeliers

Bulbs give always a great effect, as well. This huge chandelier, that you can find at the hotel Intercontinental Shangai, creates the idea of a waterfall, which is so creative. This is beauty.

Best-white-chandeliers-lighting-2 chandelier Modern white chandeliers

Tom Dixon is always a good idea! But it looks even better in white. And with the inside in golden, you have a absolutely perfect piece. You should use this modern lighting in a kitchen or a living room.

Best-white-chandeliers-lighting-3 suspension lighting Modern white chandeliers

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The striped printed wall it’s not the only special thing about the follow interior: from the industrial sideboard, to the colors including, obviously, the Madeleine chandelier, by DelightFULL, everything its so amazing. For us, the perfect choice to an office, library or living room.

Best-white-chandeliers-lighting-4 delightFULL lamps

But we left the best to the end: take a look at this stunning chandelier. We were not prepared for something as beautiful as this. We think it would be great in any room of any house. A dream’s luxury piece.

Best-white-chandeliers-lighting-5 mide century modern

Are you conviced now? A white ceiling light is the perfect option for a great interior. You really have to try it, ok?

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