Reading is a perfect way to forget about your daily worries, relax and unwind. Despite what literary genre you prefer, favourite piece will move you to another place and time. Therefore every home should have its own reading corner – it should be not just a comfortable armchair, but also a place, where you can disconnect from all and plunge into the inner world of a favorite book.  In this article you will find the best ideas of how to create such a part of the interior in a unique way:

#1 Window Sill

Wide window sills, filled with light, can become an amazing place where it will be nice not only to dream, but also to spend time with a good book. Below the sill can be equipped a niche with bookshelves or drawers for storing the necessary detail. Bookworm's Paradise 1 reading corner

#2 Under stairs

This idea is perfect decision for small houses. From the one hand, it will be peaceful corner, and, from the other, unique interior design. Bookworm's Paradise 1 copy reading corner

#3 Contemporary armchair

While reading, it’s super important to have a comfortable position and a good light. Bookworm's Paradise 15 reading corner

Bookworm's Paradise delightfull_turner_01 reading corner

#4 A separate space in one of the rooms

One of the easiest options – to organize a small space-office in one of the rooms, which can be used not only for reading, but also, for example, to work on the laptop Bookworm's Paradise 7 reading corner

#5 Attic

Use the space of the attic, where you can get comfortable with your favorite book in peace and quiet. Bookworm's Paradise 6 reading corner

#6 Original bookshelves

An original solution for small apartments: small and very compact area, which is located in the bookshelves. Bookworm's Paradise 12 reading corner

#7 Fireplace

During long winter evening, its really a pleasure to relax and read a favourite book near a fireplace. Bookworm's Paradise 9 reading corner

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas!

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