Bredaquaranta Furniture Design Centre: Luxury and Emotion in One

The Motion and Emotion Interior Design Brand.

The bredaquaranta furniture design centre is for certain, one that brings the delighted interior furniture items to the world through the best of Italian design brands. There’s no escape to the quality and the seeking potential to bring the best of the design concept to each and every client.

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Bredaquaranta Furniture Design Centre Luxury and Emotion in One 7

The purpose of the brand is to bring the luxury to its maxim while giving the client the connection between the visual feeling and the connection it exudes. While having interior design projects spread throughout the world, the 8 showrooms the brand has in store for its clients are based in Italy.



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The bredaquaranta brand wants to distinguish itself on the market by dealing with the best interior design brands in the world and by that, offering the best that of the interior design world. The distinguishing factor is that it offers services from the beginning of the interior design projects to the final stages maintaining the best service possible and the detail attention to the maximum.


Bredaquaranta Furniture Design Centre Luxury and Emotion in One 3Bredaquaranta Furniture Design Centre Luxury and Emotion in One 6

The aim is to bring the best of the harmonic feel to the whole stage and to give the customer the service it deserves. The Villa project located in Switzerland is one of the ways to prove the internationality of the brand while giving the careful attention to detail and harmonizing the interior home decor with the outdoor living space.


The interior home decor is thought from the design concept to the finishing touches. Taking care of all the aspects involved, it doesn’t leave any of the surroundings to the case.

The Founder

Bredaquaranta Furniture Design Centre- Luxury and Emotion in One 8

“Luxury means having a pampering and welcoming home… your shelter.” , Davide D’avico founder of bredaquaranta.

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