"Bright interior designs: saturated color schemes"

Bright interior designs: saturated color schemes

In this article, Home Design Ideas, will share with your great looking saturated color schemes that make an impact in any room. You don’t have to be an expert in interior designs to know that if you want everyone to pay attention to your living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on, you just have to paint it in a bright color.

Bright interior designs will look extremely cool if you pull it right, but if you make a mess of it…your entire home decor will suffer the effects.

If you want to get some ideas on how to paint your house you should definitely check the march issue of Dwell magazine .

"Bright interior design: color schemes for your home"Dwell magazine March cover

But if you need to see now, great looking saturated color schemes read on! In this post you’ll see 5 bright interior designs that will make you to paint your house all over again.

"Bright interior designs: saturated color schemes"

“Playing off the work of artist James Turrell, as well as the front porch scheme prevalent in the South, the ruby-red outdoor living room of an Atlanta house is half covered and half open to the leaf canopy overhead. A pair of teak armchairs are clustered around a Laguna fire table from Restoration Hardware. Photo by Gregory Miller.”

"Bright interior designs: saturated color schemes"

Tokyo architect Yuko Shibata’s shape-shifting apartment takes a holistic approach to live/work style. She wanted more shelf space in her home office, so she added a plywood door with built-in bookshelves that opens into her bedroom to form a reading nook. Glimpsed from the adjacent room, the space looks larger than it actually is, thanks to the bright green walls.”

"Bright interior designs: saturated color schemes"

“A house by Brazillian firm YTA features yellow accents throughout.”

"Bright interior designs: saturated color schemes"

“Thanks to a contemporary interior that she’s been updating for a decade, modern architect Abigail Turin has learned to love her traditional 1925 San Francisco home. She opted for high-impact black paint to coat her living room. Photo by Justin Fantl.2

"Bright interior designs: saturated color schemes"

“Anna Horne sourced the living area’s red-and-white Tunisian tiles in her modular Australian beach house directly from a manufacturer online. “It was the first site I looked at, the tiles were well priced, and the company was easy to deal with,” says Horne. “When I requested this specific tile in red, it just happened to be the perfect red, so I went with my gut instinct.” Photo by Lisa Cohen.”

As you can see these bright interior design can make a room feel fresh, modern, trendy and incredible. To create a room like these ones is necessary to combine and arrange every little home accessory until everything is perfect.

Having a saturated color scheme in the house is not for everyone, but we have to appreciate the bold spirit of those who want to have an unique and bold interior color scheme.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article!

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Source: Dwell magazine