The Most Desirable Trade Fair is Here!

Maison et Objet 2018 is just around the corner! Be prepared to find the best of interior design in this worldwide trade show. From 19th to 23rd January this will be one of the major events in the most romantic city: Paris!

Come along and join us!

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Why You Can't Miss Maison et Objet in Paris

Ochre designs furniture, lighting, and accessories for the interior. Perfect for those who are looking for discreet glamour and a perfect sense of style in your modern home design.

Boca do Lobo.

Why You Can't Miss Maison et Objet in Paris

Boca do Lobo, a Portuguese luxury brand is well known for its take on contemporary design and its amazing taste and creativity.



Why You Can't Miss Maison et Objet in Paris

DelightFULL and its unique lighting design have been around for quite some time and it never fails to be a show stopper. With a remarkable stand, you absolutely can’t miss this luxury brand this year!

Essential Home.

Why You Can't Miss Maison et Objet in Paris

Essential Home and its unique take on mid-century furniture are slowly taking over the market. That’s why you can’t miss what they have to offer at this year’s trade show!

contemporary home design The Bridge House: A Contemporary Home Design Concealed With Nature imgpsh fullsize


Why You Can't Miss Maison et Objet in Paris

With a luxurious take on lighting and furniture design, LUXXU has been in the field and capturing the hearts of the public for so long that we can’t remember a time it didn’t appear.

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