Choose a Table Lamp for your Bedroom

It’s easy to brighten up your bedroom with a fresh new table lamp. Whether you want elegant bedside lamps so you can read at night or a traditional lamp that adds a classic feel to your room, the next suggestions will help you choose the perfect bedroom table lamp that fits your style.

Arion LampThe Best Lamps for a Bedroom

It’s just stunning. This looks beautiful as a bedside lamp and a desk lamp, but casts enough light to be a side-table light, too. The slightly 70’s vibe is a touch retro, but it feels clean-lined enough to work in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Caravan Pacific Alberta LampThe Best Lamps for your bedroomThese lamps are handmade in Portland and are of exceptionally high quality. Purchasing this bedside table lamp it must be a seriously worthwhile investment. It looks fantastic and appears both retro and modern at the same time. The shades that come with them are fantastic. They’re a beautiful linen and have a slightly tapered shape which works well. These would be nice with a slightly wider drum shade, too.

Marcus lamp, by Delightfull

The best modern desk lamps Marcus lamp was inspired by Dieter Rams strict design philosophy and timeless aesthetic. A statement of good taste which gets even more beautiful when you lit it on.

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Alan, by 7Gods
Alan Table Lamp
Alan is an elegant lamp thats handcrafted using leafs of pleated PVC. The organic shape with its repeating lines gives off a warm atmospheric glow.

5054, by Archiplan Studio Associato
5054 Table Lamp
The 5054 light pays homage to a piece of technology that over the years has become an object of affection and familiarity. It is a retrograde project to institutionalize the old incandescent light bulb.
The bulb joins the handmade dimension of the wooden casing, with its dovetail joints, and the fabric power cable, with the technological item.

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