5 Contemporary Interior Designs by Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto is one of the most outstanding interior designers of our days. Son of Argentinian parents and born in Casablanca, Morocco, Alberto Pinto attended the “Ecole du Louvre” when he was younger, later having moved to New York to open a photography agency, specializing in decoration and interior design.

It was during this shoots throughout the world that he acquired his taste for design, the sense of volumes and the game of colors. Alberto Pinto now has his own home design collection, complete with furniture, tableware, table linen, and home accessories.

5 contemporary interior designs by alberto pinto

(Source: Architectural Digest)


This focus on design led Pinto to take up interior design almost four decades ago. The 17th century private residence at the Place des Victoires in Paris was the home of Pinto’s interior design and decoration agency. The agency consists of 60 people who work on the design of large scale and atypical places, such as private residences, corporations, hotels, yachts, and private jets.

contemporary interior designs by alberto pinto

(Source: Covet Edition)


Sleek, space-age minimalism was part of his design portfolio, too, as evidenced by his designs. Pinto was especially gifted at creating seraglio-style settings, whose stained-glass light fixtures and carved plaster were inspired by traditional North African interiors, applying them in living room designs such as the one we see above.

contemporary interior designs by alberto pinto living room

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For Alberto Pinto, very few styles seemed beyond his talents. The proof comes with the quote: “I have no specific style or period that I am especially fond of,” adding, however, that he was enamored with “immense rooms, partly because I pride myself on knowing how to bring together immensity and comfort. Most people are afraid of houses on a grand scale, but I’ve always been completely at home in them.”

contemporary home design by alberto pinto

(Source: Covet Edition)


Pinto designed the interiors of contemporary apartments, corporations, hotels, yachts, and jets with the collaboration of many area experts such as Raynaud, Pierre Frey, THG, Ercuis, Aït Manos and D. Porthault.

contemporary living room designs by alberto pinto

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contemporary interior designs by alberto pinto home design ideas

(Source: Covet Edition)


The eclecticism of his projects and his insatiable quest for perfection and for refinement allowed him to discover the best international artisans with whom he regularly surrounds himself resulting, for example, in a sumptuous bedroom design such as this one.

contemporary interior designs by alberto pinto bedroom design

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For admirers who could only dream of hiring Pinto for a full household makeover, he also created covetable tableware for Ercuis and Raynaud, fabrics for Pierre Frey, and table linens for D. Porthault. Some of these items, along with signature collections of gutsy contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories, are sold in Pinto’s showroom at 14 rue du Mail in Paris.


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