Cosy, Elegant, Industrial Design in Odessa

In Odessa, Ukraine, a new, trendy spot just opened its doors. 4CITY is its name and it makes ends meet. Indeed, the profit of this amazing project is for the city of Odessa. The cosy, elegant and industrial design present in this beauty of a project are a must and you definitely can’t miss it!

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Cosy, Elegant, Industrial Design in OdessaFor this project come true, it was needed 300 investors and a significant part of the income will be spent on social projects throughout the city.  There are co-working, lectures class, restaurant and bar areas in this building.

Cosy, Elegant, Industrial Design in OdessaThe original building was a former institution for mud cures. The authors of the project, 2Bgroup bureau, worked attentively with the old space and preserved original millwork, fret and partly old tiles in the restaurant zone.

Cosy, Elegant, Industrial Design in OdessaThe creators of this amazing restaurant wanted to bring the message that, just because it’s a social project doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and appeal to all ages. With an amazing decor, having the soft pink bringing some enchanting glamour to the place, everything just fits. The wonderful photographs are courtesy of Andrey Bezuglov.

Cosy, Elegant, Industrial Design in OdessaFull of open spaces and wood details, the touch of grey and the industrial ceiling lamps just complement the space. Truly a dreamy place.

Cosy, Elegant, Industrial Design in OdessaFull of style, this adds a touch of practicality as well. The spaces are well thought out and they don’t fill the space.

Cosy, Elegant, Industrial Design in OdessaAs one of the investors say: “We want to create a new perception: that helping the city improve is what’s “trendy” now. Someone might say, why does a restaurant for social projects need to have expensive chairs, fancy coffee. But they would be missing the point — we want to show that being involved in social entrepreneurship is part of having good taste, of possessing great style. If we can spread this philosophy through Odessa’s society, we could create something that will last, a kind of perpetual engine for social projects that make our home better every day.”

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