How To Create A Mid-Century Modern Home Office

How To Create A Mid-Century Modern Home Office

The perfect mid-century modern home office is waiting for you and you can get it with these basic tips!

Inspired by post-war simplicity and the beauty of natural shapes and materials, mid-century modern is the perfect choice for serene 21st-century homes. Follow our five easy steps to create the same serene feel in your home officespace – whatever you use the room for. Today, we’re taking a look at how to create the perfect mid-century modern home office.

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We’ve picked the furniture, accessories, room layout and colour scheme for the ultimate mid-century haven – which has a fresh and contempoary feel with classic accents. The result is a comfortable stylish space to work, with bags of storage and style.

Mid-century classic pieces are often found at antique fairs and secondhand shops, but if your budget doesn’t quite stretch this far, look out for warm wood furniture and light accessories to lift your office space.

Use a cool contrasting colour

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Team warm wood tones with a cooler contrast, like this dusky duck-egg colour, on the walls – it brings out the depth of the natural wood grain. When layering wood on wood keep it simple, this will have more impact than mixing in accessories in other colour finishes.

Mix tones of wood

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When using wood don’t worry about matching shades – mixing it up gives a relaxed feel. Aim to keep the main pieces of furniture in the same mid tone, then accessorise with all shades from light to dark, using these as accent hues.

Make your desk the star

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If you have space, position your desk in the middle of your home office and define the area with a geometric patterned rug. A streamlined desk, with built-in shelves and drawers, is a practical and stylish choice.

Add sleek storage

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This shelf unit has the round edges and clean lines that typify 1950s style. The pendant light, hung low over the desk, will illuminate your work area and draw attention to it.

Use wooden materials

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Why stop at furniture? There are loads of great wooden home office accessories on the high street. If you follow our tips, you’ll be sure to have the perfect functional mid-century modern home office perfect for working from home with style, creativity and productivity!

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