Dark Contemporary Floor Lamps

Dark colors suit good with everything: outfits, accessories, bags, shoes, nails, make up, cars and even decor. So, why not to try Dark Contemporary Floor Lamps? In this post, you will find some great contemporary pieces for your lovely home. Just because we know exactly what you need!

Tripod floor lamps are an amazing modern trend and you should get one just right now for your decor renovation. If you do that, you will start your new year the best way, for sure.

In this two first examples you can see that a special corner in your dining room may be the perfect place for you to put your modern lighting. And you can mix them with another color and completely different chandeliers.

Dark Contemporary Floor Lamps 7 Dark Contemporary Floor Lamps 1

Tripods really are a great choice for you to complete that dining or living room corner that you never knew how to spice up. Now you agree?

Dark Contemporary Floor Lamps 7 Dark Contemporary Floor Lamps 3 Dark Contemporary Floor Lamps 4


But there are another really good choices for you if you love another type of light bases. This one at the image, for instance, it’s simpler. But still modern and beautiful.

Dark Floor Lamps 6

And what about this scandinavian living room? Don’t you love all about it? Starting with the great black lighting, of course.

Dark Floor Lamps 5

The following image shows you another black lamp, that is a mix between vintage and contemporary styles. This kind of pieces are amazing as well and they have a strong presence in any room.

Dark Floor Lamps 2

And if you’re not a great fan of dark colors, you can choose a lamp that combine darkest colors with metal. Like this black and gold, at the image.

Dark Floor Lamps

Well, these are our suggestions. We really hope you love them as much as us.

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