5 decor ideas for small spaces

Decor ideas for tiny spaces are becoming a new trend in this year. For many city dwellers small space living is the only option. Nevertheless it does not mean that should be less stylish and modern. Check 5 most impressing ideas for small spaces with will change your home.


1. Corner photos

You can use this idea to make your small living room look bigger. Two small corners are all you need to create your own-made gallery.


5 decor ideas for small spaces2. Light colors are key for the walls and the floor

Dark colors make spaces look smaller. It is happen because dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting it. If you have a small space in your home you can not use this technique! Using bright light colors for your floor and wall make the room feel more airy.

5 decor ideas for small spaces3. Play with stripes to elongate the space

You know very well this rule form your clothing, it will work the same with your small space! Just choose striped rug and your room will look longer than before.

5 decor ideas for small spaces4. Choose the right place for your mirrors

Good placing of your mirrors can reflect light and make every space look much more bigger.

5 decor ideas for small spaces5. Paint or wallpaper the celling to make the room look taller

Original shapes and patterns draws the eye upwards makes a room look bigger. Try this trick in your small spaces.

5 decor ideas for small spaces


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