Decorate your bathroom with 60´s lighting

Retro bathroom decorating ideas in 50s and 60s style feel soft and sentimental. Retro bathroom decor makes modern homes look stylish and unique.

Light bathroom colors, like tender green, pastel pink, turquoise and blue, soft yellow, orange, purple and brown, combined with cream and white color shades, create retro bathroom decorating look.

Do you need some 60`s lighting ideas?

Chrome fixtures and ceramic tiles for floor and wall decoration are our suggestions. These lamps are perfect for this kind of decoration. Round lamp shades and geometric patterns and stripes on walls give your modern bathroom decor wonderful retro style feel too.

But more than suggest you, we will show you some amazing images. Have a look!


For those who think that the golden era of the design ages were the 1950’s and 1960’s you are clearly a retro lover and collector. Especially if you think your home interior is missing a dotted wallpaper and phone with cord.

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What do you think about our lighting ideas?

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