DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year 8

DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year!

Summer’s around the corner and DelightFULL is ready to welcome this season. The question is: Are you?

Once again, DelightFULL is hitting us with some crazy and good inspirational images. And today it’s all about Summer moodboards, baby! Let’s go see them together!


DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year

The color of the year chosen by Pantone is part of this beautiful moodboard, and with it comes the letter ‘C’ from DelightFULL Graphic Collection. Charming, casual and charismatic. The marquee letter C is the prime of sleekness in any interior or exterior (or both) design project. With white LED applied in the original typography, this graphic letter is inspired in the golden years of Broadway.


DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year 2

Yellow and Carter seem to get along pretty well! Do you know Carter already? Carter suspension lamp is the singular piece that your modern home decor was missing. Designed with the great discoveries of space in mind, Carter modern suspension lamp has all the unique fixture elements to be a memorable modern lighting design. Its unique shape is recognizable anywhere and its attention to detail is a one of a kind making this the perfect bespoke design.

DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year 3

Coachella is done but we’re not done with Coachella! Not even Janis Floor! Inspired by Janis Joplin’s music “Best of The Best Gold”, Janis floor lamp recovers the golden jazz spirit of the ’60s. Covered by a golden bath, this entrance floor lamp was designed to make a powerful statement with its mid-century modern design. This tall standing lamp fits beautifully in a modern entryway or in a classic living room corner since it is an excellent match for both contemporary and classic decors.

DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year 4

What about a Mango Galliano? Sound like a nice frappuccino, and we love it! Galliano round chandelier is a mid-century modern light with a shape that was inspired by a pipe organ. With sculptural shapes and extremely balanced design, this modern lighting design gets even more beautiful when you see the light being cast through its pipes. Ideal to use as a modern dining room lighting fixture or as an entrance lighting, Galliano has a mid-century modern appeal that won’t go unnoticed.

DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year 5

Art featuring the Amy Floor lamp. What are your thoughts on this collaboration? Amy vintage floor lamp was inspired by the great jazz singer and songwriter: Amy Winehouse. Amy has a vintage retro style that embodies the soul of the British artist and the 50’s interior design style. With a glossy black lamp shade that bears a resemblance to Amy’s legendary hair and a small gold powder paint detail that recall us of her golden earring, the brass floor light suits the most demanding mid-century modern setting.

DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year 6

We’re living for Vaughan in a baby blue environment. The welcoming and shiny presence of Sarah Vaughan is present in every single detail you’ll find in Vaughan mid-century modern fixture. Aesthetically pleasing, the mid-century lighting design is the perfect choice for a modern dining room as well as a statement figure in a hospitality project. Vaughan mid-century design is the soothing and unexpected design piece into any project you see fit.

DelightFULL Went All-In With The Summer Moodboards This Year 7

Etta is the new highlight for this moodboard. We love it! Etta is one of DelightFULL’s most feminine and luxurious wall lights. Inspired by the memorable jazz singer Etta Jones, this mid-century wall sconce can elevate any ordinary home decor to an oasis of sophistication and luxury. With almost 7 pounds and reaching 20 inches, this copper wall lamp is the perfect fit for either a classic or a trendy living room design, but it also suits a Scandinavian style home office in the most flattering way.


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