Designer ideas featuring Copper lighting

Designer ideas featuring Copper lighting

Copper  doesn’t have to be boring and plain. Designers messed with it and has a result we can see that a beautiful mess was born.

Is a fine material that can be transfigure in something functional, stylish and signed by a designer. This material is really versatile because only by folding it is possible to create a stable form. The infinite potential of copper gives the designer the imagination to create lights for every space, they will look good and be part of any ambient from the room to the kitchen. A lot of options to explore.

They look good, they reflect the exterior lights and reveal a lot of different colors and they are a fashionable piece to have right now.


It will reflect brown, white and almost a rose gold hanging on the sealing or sitting next to the coffee table, there are endless elegant and practical possibilities for the copper lights.




Copper has been a really popular material for interior design for a long time. It has the particular thing of changing colors throughout the years and a lot of the times designers who use copper are expecting it because this is what is special and interesting about this material.

The designer David Derksen uses his nature and Nordic inspirations to create delicate lamps with very different shapes whom clearly will fit in a room, a living room or even a kitchen. With this signed lamps we can see the reflections of this beautiful and fine metal.


In a more delicate and elegant way there is the light ETTA made by Delightfull, a suspension fixture, a sublime lamp that will bring uniqueness and luxury to every space. It is a mix of cooper leafs whom complement each other and this ceiling lamp give a warm and hot light to any home. Besides this option it is possible to make customized designs.


High brands use this tendency since 2005 a good example is Tom Dixon, every year they reinvent their passion for copper and this material is now a staple. In this specific case they use the technique Metallic Vaporization to make the lamps brighter, shinier and as reflective as possible and the shapes are graceful and luxurious.

Designer ideas featuring Copper lighting

This is an essential material that is here to stay and will always define spaces. Follow this interior design lightning trend and you will be on track of this fashionable and desirable material.